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Football, Cycling, And Wellness: NFL Legend Dorsey Levens Discusses The Dangers of Concussions in Football

Episode Summary

On this week’s episode of the #fitdocpodcast we discuss the importance of selfcare, concussions, and exercise with NFL star Dorsey Levens. Dorsey Levens played for the GreenBay Packers for 8 seasons and knows a thing or two about taking care of your body. He also discusses the importance of mental health for football players, and how important it is to put player’s health before the game. Dr. Reed also shares the importance of staying cool and hydrated in the summer heat, as it has been the hottest summer on record. Dorsey Levens is a retired All-Pro running back who played in the NFL for 11 seasons from 19994-2004. Levens spent 8 seasons with the Green Bay Packers. Winning Super Bowl 31 and making an appearance in Super Bowl 32. He was inducted into the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame in 2009. Levens also two seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles, making another Super Bowl appearance in Super Bowl 39 and one season with the New York Giants. Since retiring Levens had a short run as a sports broadcaster, later focusing on producing and acting. Writing, producing and starring in the stage play ‘Stripped’ as well as producing ‘Bell Rung’, a documentary about concussions in football. Later landing a small acting role in the NBC sitcom ‘Good Girls’, guest appearances on Tyler Perry’s ‘For Better Or Worse’, and touring with Perry’s stage play Madea On The Run. More recently Levens has parlayed his love for spinning teaching six classes a week at Effect Fitness and leading core workouts. Becoming an instructor over 5 years ago and his passion is obvious and undeniable. He is currently in the beginning stages of going virtual once again. Levens currently lives in Atlanta, GA where he teaches personal growth and development through mindfulness. Re.Mind, The School of Life was developed by Levens with hopes of changing our perception about our lives and the world we live in.