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Exploring the Challenges and Solutions for Parenting in the times of Covid with Yolanda Hutcherson

Episode Summary

In this educational episode of the Fit Doc Podcast, social worker and park superindent Yolanda Hutcherson teams up with Fit Doc Michele Reed to delve into the challenges of parenting during the COVID-19 pandemic. Discover valuable insights and strategies on how to navigate the ever-changing world we currently live in. From dealing with anxiety and depression to managing childcare, this discussion will offer you much-needed guidance. Don't miss out on this opportunity to educate yourself on COVID-19, parenting, and mental health from a trusted source. Subscribe now for more empowering content! Yolanda Garner Hutcherson, Msw Was Born And Raised In The Inc. Village Of Hempstead, New York, Yolanda Earned A Bachelor Of Science Degree In Parks And Recreation From North Carolina Central University, And A Master Of Social Work From Adelphi University. Yolanda Has Made Helping Others A Central Part Of Her Life. Professionally, She Is A Social Worker And Was Previously Employed By Nassau County Child Protective Services And Spent 8 Years Investigating Sex Abuse Cases Alongside Nassau County Special Victims. Yolanda Loves Helping Families And Children And Sees Her New Role As Superintendent Of The Inc. Village Of Hempstead Parks And Recreation As An Extension Of That. Her Passion Is Advocating For Youth And Helping Others. Yolanda Loves Mentoring Young Girls So That They Can Blossom Into Beautiful Young Women. Her Work As A Social Worker And Over 14 Years' Experience Allows Her To Help Children, Strengthen Families, And Help Her Community. In Addition To Her Work, Yolanda Is An Amazon International Best-Selling Author, Child Advocate, And Social Media Influencer. Yolanda Has A Humble Spirit And Loves To Help Others Whenever They Need It. Don't forget to like, comment on what you want to see, subscribe, and share with a friend!